AI Ethics and Policy Making

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with each other. Its rapid development and integration into our practices raise important ethical questions that must be addressed by policy makers. The ethical implications of AI are complex and multifaceted, touching on a wide range of areas such as privacy, equality, accountability,Continue reading “AI Ethics and Policy Making”

AI Governance: Technical, Sociological, and Political Considerations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly. As AI technology becomes increasingly integrated into our practices, it is essential to develop governance frameworks that can ensure its responsible and ethical use. Such frameworks should take into account not only the technical aspects of AI but also the social and political implications. From a technical standpoint, AIContinue reading “AI Governance: Technical, Sociological, and Political Considerations”

Microsoft on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

In early May 2022, Microsoft’s Chief Scientific Officer Eric Horvitz appeared before the US Senate to testify on applications of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. The written document is available on Microsoft’s official blog and a recording of the session can be seen at the official website from the US Senate Committee on Armed Services. TheContinue reading “Microsoft on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity”

OECD Public Consultation: Policy considerations on blockchain and DL technology

OECD has an ongoing public consultation for policy considerations on blockchain and distributed ledge technology (DLT). Check the repost below for their call for participation and links to engage. — Public consultation: OECD high-level guidance regarding policy considerations on responsible innovation and adoption of blockchain and DLT.  Deadline for submission – 31 August 2021 InContinue reading “OECD Public Consultation: Policy considerations on blockchain and DL technology”

Nation States: Organizational Hierarchies or Networks?

Last semester, during a seminar at Goethe Universit├Ąt on Geographies of Violence: state, space and power relations in Latin America, the idea of “Nation States as institutional hierarchies” was fiercely challenged by the idea of “Nation States as networks”. The “network party”, as Anne-Marie Slaughter calls it (2014: pp. 59), is a paradigm change forContinue reading “Nation States: Organizational Hierarchies or Networks?”