| About Me

20180830_174416I am Juliana Michelon Alvarenga, a Brazilian internationalist and researcher who strongly advocates for Corporate Diplomacy as the emerging superpower of business strategies.

I am currently engaged as a Master student in Science and Technology Studies: Economies, Governance, Life at Goethe-Universität, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. My current research efforts investigate existing complementarity in the theories of Neofunctionalism, Complex Interdependency and Complex Systems that promote a global paradigmatic shift towards macrogovernance organization.

My most demanding challenge in this world is to bring my digital enterprise to life through my project Sunshared Technologies. Through this seed, I propose the establishment of a democratic informational system that is universally inclusive and which sets grounds in the process of global integration. Such developments suggest the construction of a global governance model that is reflexive on the emerging concepts of Open Society, Informational Democracy and Collective Intelligence.


Vision: Human flourishing and global prosperity.

Mission: Advise global institutions through the complex challenges of globalization.

Values: Professional excellence, ethical governance and scientific foundation.