Juliana Michelon is a Brazilian internationalist and social technologist who strongly advocates for diplomacy as the emerging superpower of organizational strategies. She has professional experience in international business, governmental relations, development policy and regulatory research in the renewable energy and telecommunications industries. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, writing a thesis on The Collective Cyborg Body. Her research work comprises two lines of study:

i) macrogovernance organization, by analysing the International Relations theories of Complex Interdependence (Joseph Nye, Robert Keohane & Susan Strange) and Neofunctionalism (Ernst & Peter Haas); and

ii) cyborg studies, by analysing epistemic machineries (Knorr Cetina), feedback loops (The Macy Conferences) and materialistic theories of bodies and technologies.

Her most demanding challenge is to bring the digital enterprise Sunshared Technologies to life, through which she conceptualizes a macrogovernance model for an open global network of distributed knowledge production.


Vision: Human flourishing and global prosperity.

Mission: Advise international institutions through the complex challenges of globalization.

Values: Professional excellence, ethical governance and scientific discipline.