About the author

Welcome to my professional blog. I am an Internationalist who is currently working in the telecommunications industry by developing public policy research in topics such as the Internet of Things, Net Neutrality, Data Protection and Cybersecurity. You can also access my Linkedin profile.

In this website you will find writings influenced by the International Relations theories of Neofunctionalism, Complex Interdependency and the principles of Systemic Integration, along with the promotion of a global paradigmatic shift towards macrogovernance organization.

The writings herein are products of my interdisciplinary investigation efforts, aiming at the establishment of an informational system for democracy that is universally inclusive and which sets grounds in the process of global integration. Such developments suggest the construction of a global governance model that is based on the concepts of Open Society, Informational Democracy and Collective Intelligence.


Vision: Human flourishing and global prosperity.

Mission: Advise global institutions through the complex challenges of globalization.

Values: Professional excellence, ethical governance and scientific foundation.