Aldeota Global offers an innovative approach for the internationalization of Brazilian enterprises and for governmental relations in Brazil and globally.

Our values promote professional excellence with the full exercise of ethical transparency and a strong technical and theoretical foundation for a more efficient and democratic management of micro and macro governance processes.

We believe that a globalized society must be built through continuous multilateral cooperation, envisioning the transformation of human culture and of the way we use technological advancement for the promotion of global prosperity and social welfare.

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Aldeota Global grows into business with a great enthusiasm of working towards universal peace and prosperity, and we want to share this ideal with as many as we find willing to invest a little heart and soul into achieving that goal.

The beginning of our operations is driven by years of dedicated research within the international relations, public policies and technology fields, and our work is highly inspired by the Millenium Development Goals, the Agenda 21 and the United Nations Global Pact.

We are guided by principles of global governance, professional excellence and cooperation, in the hope that our business deals are of great contribution to strengthening the global supply chain, to promote food and energy security and to develop innovative solutions for current and upcoming global challenges.

Thank you for uniting with us!

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Projects on Internationalization

Solutions for organizations seeking to access international markets. Usually, companies are objectively interested in international expansion through direct exports. However, the internationalization process is a much more complex endeavor in which exporting is only the initial phase. Therefore, we offer a broader methodology, with a vision that supports planning for the short, medium and long terms, and providing the further construction of a globalization model for the organization. This methodology allows us to provide to our clients and partners access to international markets in the short run at the same time as providing a structured strategy for the following stages of international expansion.

Corporate Diplomacy

International Relations theories describe that, in the evolution of the international system, not only States hold the power of influence over global governance relations, but that other set of institutions are conqueringspace in the debates and decision-makingof global affairs.

Corporate Diplomacy represents therefore the planning and structuringof the institutional strategy of how the organization relates to the external environment – other institutions, society, governmental agents.

Our advisory services on diplomacy are based on our own methodology for the capacitation of corporate diplomats; Monitoring international acts, public policies, legislation and regulatory frameworks;  Articulation and coordination of industry coalitions and construction of technical cooperation between private institutions and international organizations; and elaboration of the Corporate Foreign Policy.

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