OECD Public Consultation: Policy considerations on blockchain and DL technology

OECD has an ongoing public consultation for policy considerations on blockchain and distributed ledge technology (DLT). Check the repost below for their call for participation and links to engage. —

Public consultation: OECD high-level guidance regarding policy considerations on responsible innovation and adoption of blockchain and DLT. 

Deadline for submission – 31 August 2021

In 2019, drawing on its growing body of research on the policy implications of Blockchain and based on discussions with the Committee on Financial Markets (CMF) and Committee on Digital Economic Policy (CDEP), work began on exploring the development of an OECD Recommendation on Blockchain, with a view to providing high-level, non-sector-specific guidance on responsible innovation and adoption of Blockchain, to all actors involved in the development and use of blockchain, including but not limited to governments.

To assist in this endeavour, as well as to support the work of the OECD on Blockchain more broadly, the Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board (BEPAB) was set up. The BEPAB is a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary group of over 100 experts from government, industry, academia and civil society, that was drawn from more than 50 jurisdictions on the basis of nominations from CMF and CDEP.

With the increase in use and rapid development of the technology and its applications, the draft high-level guidance currently under discussion within the OECD and set out below seeks to provide a clear and coherent policy considerations relevant for all stakeholders in the Blockchain ecosystem, on responsible blockchain innovation and adoption to prevent and mitigate risks, while preserving incentives to innovate, collaborate, and compete. While certain of the policy issues identified are also of relevance to other emerging technologies, the specific features of certain blockchains, in particular, for example, their distributed and decentralised governance, present important and unique challenges.

The OECD would now like to invite public comment on this working discussion draft which provides stakeholders with substantive proposals for analysis and comment. Comments received during this public consultation will contribute to further discussions within both committees relating to their ongoing work on blockchain, including their consideration of high-level guidance on responsible blockchain innovation and adoption.

Have your say

To contribute to this public consultation please consult the working discussion draft and then complete the market consultation survey. Your response should be submitted in English or French and completed no later than 31 August 2021 18:00 (CEST)

Responses will be not be published but will be made available to delegates of the OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy and the OECD Committee on Financial Markets.

Documents and links

Source: https://www.oecd.org/finance/public-consultation-oecd-high-level-guidance-regarding-blockchain-dlt.htmhttps://www.oecd.org/finance/public-consultation-oecd-high-level-guidance-regarding-blockchain-dlt.htm

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