Governmental subsidies to foreign companies in Belgium looking for access to European markets

On March 5th 2012, in Curitiba Brazil, Thierry Muschang, a Luxembourg PwC Director, presented the beneficial aspects of the project for attracting foreign companies to the Belgium / Louxembourg region, constructed in partnership with IDELUX, a government agency that was represented at the meeting by Joel Marinozzi, the Business Development Manager from the Economic DevelopmentContinue reading “Governmental subsidies to foreign companies in Belgium looking for access to European markets”

Financing instruments for ventures in Brazil

The Brazilian National Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES) is the main federal institution providing financing solutions for long term investment projects in all sectors of the economy, acquisition of industrial machinery and equipments, exports of national goods and services, and capital structuring for private enterprises. As part of its 2009-2014 Plan, BNDES promotes strongContinue reading “Financing instruments for ventures in Brazil”

Drawback Regime for manufacturing exports in Brazil

The Drawback Regime was created in 1996 by the Brazilian government with the purpose of suspending import taxes of raw material intended to the manufacturing of exporting goods. Legislation has improved over time and today the regime can also be applied to raw material bought within the domestic market, as long as the production isContinue reading “Drawback Regime for manufacturing exports in Brazil”