Meeting with US Vice Consul for Commerce, Transportation and Intellectual Property

On March 28th we had the opportunity of meeting with Mrs. Linda Neilan, from the Economic Department of the US Consulate General in São Paulo, Brazil, at the local trade association (ACP), during her visit to Curitiba. Mrs Neilan works in the US diplomatic body with research on Commerce, Transportation and Intellectual Property and began her considerations by refering to the growing bilateral relations between the USA and Brazil as historically significant to the new century, and also pointed the upcoming visit from Dilma Roussef to the United States in the nexts few weeks.

During the meeting, the present parties identified and discussed a few sectors of possible bilateral cooperation promotion, in special to the city of Curitiba, located in Paraná, south region of Brazil. Tourism and education seem to have significant perspectives, considering that Americans have not yet discovered Brazil as a destination, and also in the moment of the Brazilian Federal Program Science without Borders.

In the transportation sector, it is evident that the USA is able to find plenty of opportunities in Curitiba to cooperate in the convergion of the already planned transportation system into a multi modal sytem, being that the city is heavily dependable on its outdated bus model and where the city seems to have not evoluted accordinly to its population growth.

Juliana Michelon, founder of Aldeota Global, presented a bilateral international strategy and overview of opportunities for the US solar market in Brazil. The strategy highlights the current battle that the sector in the US is facing with chinese solar systems imports and presents the Brazil – US bilateral strategy as a hemispheric cooperation strategy, able to provide these two countries with a new position of competitiveness in the international solar market.

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