Tech giants face US Congress hearings on competition

Just came across this article on the US Congress hearings of the giant Tech companies Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. What called my attention was the approach from the executives (you know, corporate diplomats) in stating that they face competition and are not monopolies – which, let’s be honest, is not quite accurate. I believeContinue reading “Tech giants face US Congress hearings on competition”

Recently created government fund for secured infrastructure projects in Brazil

The other day a foreign investor who was looking into potential infrastructure projects in Brazil asked me whether the Brazilian Government makes use of Sovereign Guarantees, Bank Guarantees and/or SBLC’s to attract and secure foreign investors (ment). At least for infrastructure, I believe the most suitable instrument would be the Brazilian Law 12.712/2012, Art. 32, whichContinue reading “Recently created government fund for secured infrastructure projects in Brazil”

Brazilian Central Bank publishes Fintech regulations

On April 24th, 2018, the Brazilian National Monetary Council (CMN) approved Resolutions 4.656 and 4.657, which regulate the performance of financial technology companies (known as Fintechs) operating in the credit market. According to Resolution 4.656/2018, Fintechs may operate within the following two frameworks: Direct Credit Society, or SCD (Sociedade de Crédito Direto), through which FintechsContinue reading “Brazilian Central Bank publishes Fintech regulations”