Upcoming hearings: EU Foreign Policy, Facial Recognition and Digital Identify

Tuesday July 13 2021 10:00 EDT, US Congress. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. Facial recognition technology use by law enforcement. Details Wednesday July 14 2021 9:00 – 18:45 CEST. EU Parliament. Committee on Foreign Affairs. EU foreign policy towards US, Russia and China. Details Thursday July 15 2021 9:00 – 12:00 CEST. EUContinue reading “Upcoming hearings: EU Foreign Policy, Facial Recognition and Digital Identify”

[Podcast] Creating the Corporate Foreign Policy

The topic today is Corporate Foreign Policy, but how did we come up with this name? Because Corporate Diplomacy is pretty much a reflection of traditional Public Diplomacy, we borrowed the term Foreign Policy. States, in Public Diplomacy, have specific interests that they need to defend in the international environment, so they build up thisContinue reading “[Podcast] Creating the Corporate Foreign Policy”

2018 Economic Outlook Brazil: Foreign Policy

This is the third chapter of the series of posts on the “2018 Economic Outlook Brazil” that is based on the Presidential Message delivered to the Brazilian National Congress in February, 2018 by President Temer. The official document, in its entirety, advises on the key national policies divided into five central pillars: Economy, Infrastructure, Social, ForeignContinue reading “2018 Economic Outlook Brazil: Foreign Policy”