China’s new draft proposal for algorithm regulation

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has proposed a new 30-point draft regulation for algorithms and is soliciting public feedback by September 26, reports two young Chinese (HK-based) journalists.

According to their report, the draft proposal is part of the Chinese government’s initiative to redirect users “attention to online content that the state deems fit for broad public consumption”.

They also report government’s concern with excessive celebrity exposure and influence on public opinion, including direct rules to prohibit app alerts about “celebrity gossip, violence and vulgar content”.

The major clause in the draft proposal is intended to empower “consumers to have the option to decline recommendations generated by algorithms.

The draft rules also “imposes additional legal responsibilities on the algorithm owners” and demands registration of “their algorithms with regulators within 10 working days after the new rules come into effect”.

Details in the following South China Morning Post article:

Beijing drafts rules to rein in the algorithms used by big tech to push videos and popular apps in widespread crackdown

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