AI Regulation upcoming hearings: US Congress on defense and EU Parliament on finance

US Congress: AI and Defense. Subcommittee on Cyber, Innovative Technologies, and Information Systems Hearing: “Department of Defense Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Information Assurance for Fiscal Year 2022”
On Tuesday, June 29, 2021. 4:00pm ET, the subcommittee will meet to receive testimony on the cybersecurity posture and Digital Modernization Strategy of the Department of Defense. The hearing will highlight the challenges and opportunities for the Department and military services relating to information technology, cybersecurity, and information assurance reform and modernization in alignment with the National Defense Strategy. (*text reproduced from source 2)

EU Parliament: AI and Financial Services. Joint meeting of Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age

On Thursday 1 July, 13.45-15.45 CET, the Members of AIDA Special Committee and of ECON Committee will hold a joint hearing on AI and Financial Services (see draft programme). In the two panels representatives from the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the European Supervisory Authorities and from the private sector and from civil society will share their views on the potential and limits of AI use in financial services, and on how to mitigate potential negative side-effects. A number of questions guiding the EU’s efforts towards the modernization of the European economy and its development into a global digital player, such as “What impact is AI having on financial services?” and “How can AI accelerate the digital transformation of the banking industry?” will be addressed. (*text reproduced from source 4)

P.S. Hearings are not directly related to regulation of artificial intelligence technology. However, it is important to understand the broader context of governmental dialogue surrounding AI developments.


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