COVID-19 on Telecommunications

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) shared today an insightful article for the telecommunications industry in all its social, economic and political dimensions.

Their findings on the impact of the global-scale social distancing (due to COVID-19) on our telecommunications networks trigger important public policy debates on topics such as net neutrality, spectrum management and question regarding the maintenance of the old voice technology.

I believe this is a good starting point to reflect on the importance of creating a user-level culture for managing technological resources intelligently. Can you imagine this global-scale social distancing without internet connectivity?

Summary of key points:

  • During the global COVID-19 crisis, telecoms connectivity is vital to keeping the economy going and keeping society intact.
  • Customers/users will be more reliant on Internet access during quarantine, and at the same time will be experiencing economic difficulties.
  • Telecoms networks are showing effects of the stress caused by the traffic increase in both data and voice.
  • Despite the popularity of messaging apps, voice has seen a resurgence.
  • Network disruptions have been reported across Europe.
  • Concerns over broadband network overload has made EU Commissioner issue a call for streaming channels to limit their services to standard definition only and users to be more responsible about their data consumption.
  • The US’ Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been using Special Temporary Authority powers to grant temporary additional spectrum to some operators in order to help meet increased consumer demand for mobile broadband.

For the full article, please access: Telecoms, Coronavirus and keeping the networks running.

Source: ITUNews,

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