In 2020, Aldeota Global completes 10 years of promoting corporate diplomacy and technological developent. But this year began by presenting us with an incredible global challenge. With the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have entered a period of great uncertainty. Nature is showing us how fragile humanity actually is in the grand scale of things. As we hide inside our homes from this biological threat, questions arise as to whether the social, political and economic systems we have created to govern and support society will be able to sustain our livelihoods. This is a moment in which all sciences need to be mobilized. And in the move, one thing needs to remain clear: solutions for such a complex challenge can only be brought forward through democratic processes and broad community engagement.

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Foreign Affairs

With a particular focus on corporate diplomacy and Brazilian foreign policy, my posts about international relations seek to discuss matters of public policy and global governance.


With particular interest in ICT industry and cyborg studies, my posts about science and technology seek to discuss the social, political and economic dimensions of technological advancements.

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