Curriculum Vitae


Juliana Michelon Alvarenga is a Brazilian professional scholar, BSc. International Relations and MBA in Business Intelligence. Lived in the United States for 6 years (1998 – 2004) and visited important international markets such as the emerging economies of China (2014), Russia (2015) and the free trade market in Latin American Chile (2016).

Influenced by theories of Neofunctionalism and Complex Interdependency, works on developing ways for paradigmatic shifts and macrogovernance organization under the principle of Systemic Integration from the Vienna Convention. All within interdisciplinary efforts and under a focus on the establishment of an informational system for democracy that is universally inclusive and sets grounds in the process of global integration. Such developments suggest the construction of a global governance model that is based on the concepts of Open Society, Informational Democracy and Collective Intelligence.


Vision: Global prosperity and human flourishing.

Mission: Advise global institutions through the complex challenges of globalization.

Values: Professional excellence, ethical governance and scientific foundation.